People playing whist


  1. Each club shall play four games against every club entered (two at home - two away). The playing order of the team will be done by captains on the night, ensuring players play against different opponents on each seperate occasion they meet.
  2. Three points shall be awarded for a win, one point for a tie.
  3. No player shall be eligible to play for more than one Club in the League Competition during the same season unless transfer has been granted by the League Committee.
  4. All matches to be played on dates selected by the Committee. In the event of any Club failing to fulfil its engagement, the match shall be awarded to the opposing Club unless the Committee sanctions any alteration of date.
  5. All games to commence by 8.00 p.m. Any deviation to this must be agreed by both Team Captains.
  6. The Home Team to provide two scoring cards for each table. The same to be compared at intervals marked on cards.
  7. Each match will consist of six players per side and 24 deals to be played.
  8. The playing cards shall be shuffled by the dealer and double cut by the opponent on the right. The first cut to be trump. If cards are ripped, a normal shuffle must be made before cut is made. The cards dealt must be left on the table until the deal is completed
  9. In the event of a player making a misdeal, the said player shall be allowed to deal again and no points claimed against him.
  10. Three points may be claimed in each case of a revoke. A revoke can be claimed after a trick has been turned face down and next card has been played. Cards can not be laid down en-mass; all hands must be played to a conclusion. Failure to play a card during a game shall be deemed a revoke. In the event of a false claim, the player claiming the revoke shall be penalized three points but the deal will be played out. Players are not allowed to look at cards after being turned over, except in the case of a claimed revoke. Any player doing so shall lose three points and the hand shall not be played again.
  11. Any player using insulting or abusive language will be reported to the Committee and be liable to suspension.
  12. Players are prohibited from using speech play, which may tend to help partner. Any pair doing so will be penalized one point off the hand in question and said point added to opponents score.
  13. In the event of a team turning up to a cup match with two players short, the match shall proceed but 10 points shall be awarded to the opposition score, providing they have a full complement of players.
  14. The result of each match must be sent to the League Secretary to arrive no later than the Monday after the match. Failure to do so may result in the loss of points. Results can also be emailed to Mr A. Marr or entered onto the official website.
  15. In the event of two or more Clubs having the same points at the end of the season, thus tying for the Championship, the amount of individual games won will determine the outcome of the final positions.
  16. No-one is allowed to stand around the table when that table is still playing.
  17. In the event of a draw in the Knock-Out Cup, the match will be decided by a pair from each team playing a set of four extra hands, this will continue until the outcome is decided. Captains will make their opposite aware of the pair selected, before the competition commences. It does not matter if the pair chosen fails to win their individual match, they will still be the representative pair.
  18. The Pairs Competition will be played on the specified dates as shown in the fixtures list. If a pair cannot fulfil a specific date, an alternative must be arranged and agreed upon by both parties. In the Pairs Competition, a maximum of 4 pairs per club can be entered, a substitute is allowed to take place if a player who is unavailable up to and including the Quarter Final, providing the player has not taken part in the Competition. He must continue until the pair is knocked out of the Competition. Matches will be played as a standard 24 deals game. In the event of a tie, a further 4 hands should be played until an outcome is obtained.
  19. All competition finals will be adjudicated by a neutral Captain appointed by the Commitee.